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    Originally Posted by billyjoseph View Post
    They look almost too good to be fake though IMO.
    A lot of the times the fans make better evolutions for the Pokemon than Gamefreak does. Many of the fan versions to Gen 5 starters were way better than what we ended up with, especially Snivy's line. Those three that both Powerserge and I posted have existed like a week after the starters were shown. They've been on the internet since January. If those were the real evolutions we'd have had more hints about it by now since they were already "leaked".

    Chances of them being fan created are quite high. Again fans have almost always done a better job at designing evolutions....

    The picture Powerserge and I posted are also from Pivix which is a Japanese art site similar to Deviant Art. They originated there and made their way to 2ch or 4chan.