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    Originally Posted by Nebulat View Post
    Hi guys! i'm completely new to this side of the Pokemon community, but i'm eager to jump right in! i have a few ideas for some cool Pokemon, but i don't have the technical drawing skills to communicate my ambition. All the stuff thus far has been great (i especially like the Froslass drawings-epic!) please tell em where i can help (except doing sprite images, i'm terrible at that...)
    Don't worry mate, if you read the "Things To Consider" part of the first post (that is the top post of page 1, something which you should always look at as soon as you visit a thread), that tells you how exactly you can contribute by posting up new ideas, etc. And look at a few of the sprites, they don't have to always look very nice, you just post up your sprite and its design and people (like me) can troubleshoot and make a better version.

    Of course, the more vivid visual attraction are the drawings, not spritings, so post your doodles up here even if they suck!

    But if you can't draw then I seriously suggest you check out "Things To Consider" in the first post.

    The main goal of this project is to have fun, so there's no need to be very serious and all that.
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