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Fire Emblem is a video game franchise which was found in 1990 with the release of "Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi". Despite it's popularity in Japan, it never saw an international release. After that many Fire Emblem games were released in each home console of Nintendo but like the first game they weren't translated either. Finally on it's handheld debut Nintendo decided to translate the second Fire Emblem game for the "Gameboy Advance" due to the popularity it received from Super Smash Bros. Melee and named it "Fire Emblem".(Rekka no Ken in the Japanese version often translated as Blazing Sword) It's launch was a success and thus, most of the future Fire Emblem games saw worldwide release. With the release of Fire Emblem Awakening, the franchise made it's debut on Nintendo 3DS and so far it's the latest game of the franchise. This club is for discussing anything related to Fire Emblem be it the games, the anime, the manga or the card game! If you're a fan of anything related to Fire Emblem this place is for you!

-All PC rules apply.
-Remain on topic.
-Never spam or troll.
-You need to fill-in a sign-up form to join. However you can discuss as long as you filled up the form. You don't need to wait for your name to appear on the member list.
-Feel free to create new discussions if the last one had been inactive for a while.
-You can change your favorite character as long as you dont abuse it. If i forget to change it feel free to give me a nudge.
-Have fun!

Favorite Game:
Favorite Character:

also of note is in the case where you list more than two characters as your favorite im simply gonna select the first two you listed and write them as your favorites so as to keep the list clean

Here is mine for example:
Username: warship
Favorite Game: Awakening
Favorite Character: Henry

warship - Awakening - Henry (owner)
๖ۣۜTiara - Awakening - Gaius (co-owner)
Virgilin - Awakening - Tharja
CC - Awakening - Cordelia
roen52 - Awakening - Owain
Kotowari - Awakening/Blazing Sword(Rekka no Ken) - Chrom/Eliwood
Dansparce - Blazing Sword(Rekka no Ken) - Anna
DarkMoonPhase - Awakening - Tharja/Lon'qu
Sheep - Awakening - Chrom
PinkSapphire - Awakening - Lucina
Verdure - Path of Radiance/ Awakening - Mia/Severa
Aura Blackquill - Sacred Stones/Awakening/Blazing Sword (Rekka no Ken) - Morgan
Pinkie-Dawn - Awakening - Lucina
Oshamaru - Awakening - Emmeryn
R.F. - Awakening - Olivia
Keiran777 - Thracia 776 - Keiran
BlueEspeon - Awakening -Lucina
Comet7 - Path of Radiance - Yen'fay/Nah
SomariFeyWright - Awakening - Nino
Icebloom - Genealogy of the Holy War - Asvel
Savant - Sacred Stones - Hector/Ephraim
Seattle - Awakening - Owain
Calamitastrophe - Radiant Dawn - Inigo
Cerberus87 - Awakening - Cordelia
Larinelle - Awakening - Ilyana
Fsteak - Awakening - Ilyana
MarthEX - Shadow Dragon - Marth
Eibbor82 - Awakening - Gaius
Diablerie - Sacred Stones - Joshua
Subsonic- Blazing Sword(Rekka no Ken) - Ike
Christopher - Sacred Stones/Awakening - ???
AshleyKetchum - Awakening - Lucina
Lilith - Awakening - Gaius
Yukiyo Kayume - Genealogy of the Holy War/Awakening - Sety/Stahl
Euphoric - Blazing Sword - Dart/Fiora
Judge Mandolore Shepard - Sacred Stones - Tiki
Rickyt713 - Awakening - Lucina
Luck Hax - Blazing Sword - Lyn
Vapo41 - Radiant Dawn - Levail
doihaveto? - Awakening - Sue
RedJ - Genealogy of the Holy War - Lon'qu
Teh Lady S -Awakening - Lon'qu
Gible - Awakening - Morgan/Chrom
UltraNerdtendo64 - Sacred Stones - Eirika

How many Fire Emblem games have you played and which ones?
Who is the best Fire Emblem protagonist in your opinion, and why?
What is your biggest gripe about Fire Emblem?
In Awakening who do you think is the best together?
What is the most annoying thing that has ever happened to you in Fire Emblem?
What do you think Excellus' gender is?
What are your favourite music from the Fire Emblem games?
What difficulty do you usually play Fire Emblem on?[obviously not counting games where there is no difficulty setting)
Who did you marry in your game in your first playthrough, second playthrough, third etc.?
What's your favourite recruitment theme?
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