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    Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
    A lot of the times the fans make better evolutions for the Pokemon than Gamefreak does. Many of the fan versions to Gen 5 starters were way better than what we ended up with, especially Snivy's line. Those three that both Powerserge and I posted have existed like a week after the starters were shown. They've been on the internet since January. If those were the real evolutions we'd have had more hints about it by now since they were already "leaked".

    Chances of them being fan created are quite high. Again fans have almost always done a better job at designing evolutions....
    Not all the time. Most fan evolutions suffer from the "it just got bigger" syndrome, which was common in the first two gens. It basically describes evolutions that receives little to no changes in their appearances from their basic forms other than their size. The Kanto and Johto starters were guilty of this, but since Gen 3, starters are trying to look less like their basic forms by adding more details in their designs such as the Tepig gaining a bipedal postion when evolving into Pignite or Samurott taking a quadpedal position and took a different look rather being a bigger, bipedal version of Oshawott.