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    Originally Posted by Mavericks View Post
    I still want oak to take them to the lab but the new location.
    Then you need to write a new script or just repoint and rewrite the movements. If oak isn't showing up, then you need to create a nee sprite if you deleted it, or deal with the flags would hide it if it does still exist.

    Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
    can someone tell me what i may be doing wrong?

    It is reading random bytes as text. If Physo Boost is nit the last move, don't worry about it. If there are moves after it, then you most likely corruped the data that stores attack names.

    Originally Posted by Flandre Scarlet View Post
    I've just noticed that when I enter a battle, the moves that aren't learned by a Pokémon are displayed as weird characters, namely, letter A's with accents. Have a look:

    If anyone has any ideas to fix this, please tell me. It's rather annoying and disgusting to see, hahaha. I was thinking I could edit the font for the attacks, and just erase out those A's, but I don't know the pointer and the method of editing either.


    EDIT: Nevermind, it appeared that there was a few unknown bytes at the beginning of my repointed attack move table, so I just changed them to the original and its fixed. Just letting people know in case this happens to anyone else (in the unlikely event).
    @ForeverDash- you most likely have a similar issue to this if Phsyco Boost is not the last move created in Gen IiI.

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