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Dear Anonymous,

Things really didn't go as how I expected it. The first day of school it was okay and you were really
friendly and I liked that. But the very next day you started it all over again. You used my stationery,
drew on my papers and invaded a large portion of my table space, all without asking. Really, I would
have let you do so if you just asked. Don't just assume that I'm fine with everything because I don't
seem to show any disapproval. I have feelings too. And the only reason I don't stop you from doing
all these is because it isn't in my character to do so and I'd probably hurt your feelings if I told you.
I do know that you're feeling very lonely in class despite being surrounded by so many classmates
I can't help you if this continues. I sincerely hope things head towards the better. And like what the
teacher told us, 'Our feelings can connect with the heart but the mind has to work on it's own to set
things right
', or in other words, think before you act based on your emotions. I'll be trying my best to
do this so let's work hard together!