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    Dear Anonymous,

    So I have a lot of wasted intellect and a lot of spare time on my hands, I can assure you they were entirely coincidental and I want to apologise if I made you uncomfortable or offended you in any way. I'll drop it when you drop it.

    Dear Anonymous,

    I seemed to have forgotten about you for a while but here you are again. Back in my news feed.
    I always did think you were cute, ever since E was stalking your photos and I was silently observing. You have no idea how cranky she got afterwards, so jealous.
    I know we've never met in person but I really want to get to know you, both E and D tell me about how kind and fun you are. I can't just say hi over the internet because we both know that any chump with a keyboard can do that, I want to do it right, besides I've tried that before and nothing comes of it.
    I know your time being single is running out, we should be introduced. It could be good.