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Right now, I'm using OSX 10.8 on my MBP. I love this machine to bits, mainly because it boots up within 10 seconds or so, and it's worked flawlessly so far.

As far as saying what is the worst OS, I'd have to say ME. It was sluggish, slow, and in MS's choice in making a 16-32bit hybrid OS was one of the worst decisions they've ever made. They would have better luck marketing a home version of Windows 2000.

Windows 8 isn't entirely bad, but I can't see why Metro would be a boon for me. I still use 7 on my workstation as I've used it long enough to know it's ins and outs. That's not to say I couldn't do the same with 8, but it just doesn't have any deal-breaking features that would make me buy the OS. I'll probably wait until the next version of windows.
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