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    Okay so here we go..

    First I want to start this thread with some ground rules:
    - No judgement shall be passed in this thread, everybody thinks differently and they aren't necessarily wrong!
    - If someone is wrong you may correct them with the utmost respect. They may not know otherwise.
    - Do not be insensitive
    - Do not be discriminative
    - This is going to be as friendly and helpful as we can make it, everything will go smoother that way.

    Now! This thread is going to be all about love and romance and all that soppy stuff. It is not a secret that it is incredibly difficult to know what the opposite sex wants and/or needs and that so, so many people struggle with it.
    Here I want to discuss and hopefully unlock the secrets of romanticising a man or woman effectively by jumping straight in and gathering all the information in one place. We will be able to discuss, ask questions about, and give some much needed help concerning talking to potentially partners, ideal dating situations, how to tell if he/she likes you, and anything else you can think of.

    I also would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that everybody is different and that no one method is foolproof for every person.

    Without any further adieu, let's get this rolling

    Question time!!
    - Do you think that women overcomplicate things when it comes to romantics and what they expect from men? Or do you think the fault lies with them for the complications?
    - Do you think that instead, men oversimplify the needs of a woman? Or Vice versa
    - What do you think is the easiest way for a man to approach a woman for the first time to say "hi"?
    - What do you think is the best way for a woman to come up to a guy?
    - What, in relationships do partners do that they may be unaware is bothering their partner and how can they be better boyfriends/girlfriends.
    - Can you give any experience based advice for guys out there trying to understand women?
    - Can you give any experience based advice for girls out there trying to understand men?

    I'll leave it at that for now, if anybody has any extra questions that are relatable to everyone please ask additional questions in red and I will place them under the "Additional questions" section in this first post for people to answer. Let's have fun with this and try and solve the mysteries of the Universe together.

    Additional Questions:
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