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    i just drew up something really quick, but i don't know how to upload it from here XP (not to good with computers) i tried to put it as an attachment, but i'm not sure it worked... but anyways, here's the Pokemon

    Barrus-the elephant Pokemon
    type- Steel/normal
    Ability- hover blade (anytime a Pokemon hits it with a physical move, it damages them. damage is equal to 50% of the damage prevented via defense)

    HP: 90
    Attack: 65
    Defense: 125
    Sp attack: 60
    Sp Defense: 110
    speed: 50

    Bellua- the Mastodon Pokemon (i don't have any artwork for this one)
    Ability- hover blade
    Evolves from Barrus at lvl 47

    attack: 75
    Defense: 145
    Sp attack: 60
    SP defense: 115
    speed: 55
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