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    Originally Posted by Insomniac View Post
    I completely agree with you... It is childish.

    It also reminds me of this.

    I don't know anyone who calls themself "random" under the age of 13. :\
    Hahaha, thank you for the video! I almost died laughing! :D
    As for me, I don't really like to be random because there's no purpose to randomness (at least most of the time) for me when I'm random. I used to be a kid who always said something random while hanging out which are things that have nothing to do with the situation. I don't know why I was so random either. I had some hyperactive mind back then. Right now, I think it passed on to my older brother from the past me. I still have it lingering around me and it likes to pop out whenever I want to get along with people whom I like. It helps me when it has a purpose and when I'm not too desperate to get what I want.
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