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    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    There's no problem with being a lousy mapper, you haven't been here in ages. The shadows need to be the same shade of grey and semi-transparent. There is also some empty space. Maybe compress the map a bit. There is also a house in front of the exit.

    Your mapping skills will return soon with practice and support from the game dev community.
    Thanks Ray, the house in front of the exit, it's not actually a exit it's in front of, I actually did select the wrong type of house to put there though :I But, anyway, the shadows I shall fix right now. I used old tilesets from Apexin in this along with new ones I'm inputting, the empty space I shall fill now, along with the secondary spot you see the tree's lined up in a complete row, with the gap in it is actually the exit to the town, exiting into a forest (Old style from Dark Earth, the original way I wanted a game to go) through the forest and into the route. (Short route leading to the next town/city.) Thanks for the reply, I shall fix what is needed now.