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sorry to post again so soon, instead of just putting this on my last post, but i was not sure if the attachment would work, and it did! btw i am completely open to constructive criticism of all forms-i want to better my drawing skills. these next three are not colored (because i don't know what colors would look good with them) i like the first one alot (super derpy) and the final one too (very eligent) but i really do not like the second stage.... at all. PLEASE feel free to draw a different version.

Pharum-the baby faerie Pokemon
type- Fairy
ability- magic guard or Natural cure
Gender ratio- 50% male 50% female
Flavor text: A very out going Pokemon, very fond of banging on the pan that's on it's head.

HP: 37
Attack: 32
Defense: 26
Sp Attack: 30
Sp Defense: 35
Speed: 40

Nympharum- the undead Fairy Pokemon (picture is not included, i but i was thinking something similar to mothim-just allot more sinister, possibly with bone armor)
type- fairy/ghost
ability- levitate
If a male Pharum faints while in the lvl range of 25-30, he will evolve after the battle (while fainted) into Nympharum
flavor text: it's extreme hatred for dragon and legendary pokemon is what motivates it.

Attack: 75
Defense: 125
Sp Attack: 65
Sp Defense: 116
Speed: 30

Malumpharum- the evil fairy pokemon (the picture i don't like)
type- fairy/dark
Abilirty: Natural cure or Shed skin
when a Female Pharum reaches lvl 16 or above, the use of a dusk stone will evolve it into Malumpharum
Flavor text: when stuck in a bad situation, it will shed it's limbs or rags to restore itself

HP: 38
Attack: 35
Defense: 31
Sp Attack: 60
Sp Defense: 52
Speed: 50

Noxpharum- the dark fairy
type: fairy/dark
ability: levitate AND Natural cure (that's right, two abilities. i don't know if that's possible but it would be awesome if it was)
when a Malumpharum reaches lvl 28, and knows ominous wind (which it learns at lvl 27, or 19 if you don't evolve it right away) it evolves into Noxpharum
Flavor text: hidden behind it's cheerful look, it is a powerful and cunning opponent-beware

HP: 87
Attack: 47
Defense: 67
Sp attack: 147
Sp Defense: 108
Speed: 88

again, i'm very open to people improving my ideas. if you would like to try and make a better version of one of these, please feel free to do so. if you have any suggestions please let me know :D
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