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Originally Posted by PJBottomz View Post
I don't know if this will be any help, but I re-sized Horsea, front and back.

For the front sprite, I resized by ~80% and managed to keep it within a 48x48 square albeit one pixel because of the tail curl. For the backsprite, I resized it by 85% percent (I was gonna do 80% but it looked too small). I was also gonna edit the palettes but you'd be better at it than I would so I'll just leave that to you (if you decide to use these). I used the DPPt front sprite (interesting note: the BW sprite is the same sprite) and the HGSS backsprite.
Chaos is not accepting any help at this point. Just FYI.

The sprites aren't bad (the outlining is a little off), but you did them wrong. The front sprite has to be resized to match the size of the gen III sprite (Imagine the gan III sprite in the gen V position to get a good feeling of how large. I usually base it off of the head size.) and the backsprite has to be 80%. No if, ands, or buts about it. Lastly, they have to use the BW palette. I can't tell if you did that, but it is necessary.

However, you have to pm Chaos examples of your work first. Don't pester him. If he likes them, he will get back to you. If he doesn't get back to you, then that means you need some work. Practice hard and in about a month or two, when you have improved, send another pm.

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