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Official chapter commentary;
Awesome nazi girl enjoys chopping young males in half to ease frustration. We've all been there.
Considering it apparently happens often, I wonder if the guys are aware of it beforehand and consider it an honour, or they just think they're getting laid.

She did noticably unzip the shirt for the occasion, which could imply fuging between the two. But he definitely wore pants as he died. It's likely she had started some sort of foreplay just for the heck of it, oooorrrrr maybe she's actually using the power of her cleavage to chop him in half. Wouldn't even be surprising.

Oh hey, new chicks. The normal repertoire of girls we won't remember, their names being terrible as per usual (especially as I'm well enough indulged in germanic languages to instantly see the butchering of words). Foul mouth loli is awesome though.

I like how she's commenting on their army falling apart when she's just killed one of her subordinates for no reason.

Meanwhile, Orihime being a comic relief character. Oh hi Chad.
Of course we don't know anything about the plan they're carrying out.

Urahara researching some random stuff again. Oh no.

And during all this time, everything probably goes according to Boss Nazi's Keikaku.