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Yugioh: Single & Tag Tournaments

Hello, and welcome to the Yugioh tournaments event! We'll be running both a single and tag tournament for you all to get involved with, so grab your decks and come join in the fun. Use either this thread, VMs, PMs, or anything else to organise your duels, and post the results here!

The singles tournament will consist of an all-vs-all format in which duelists play against each other as many times as possible, with each win counting as 1 point. The duelists with the most points before the end of the stage will progress to the finals in which a winner will be determined. All duels will be in Match format (best of 3) and should preferably be carried out on YGOPro due to having an automatic rulings system to avoid disputes, and due to the surplus of new cards available to use, however Dueling Network can be used instead.

The tag tournament is a newer type of format consisting of teams of two dueling alongside each other, sharing the same field but alternating their decks each turn. This too will start off as an all-vs-all format, with each win counting as 1 point for the team and having the teams with the most points face off in the finals. Each match consists of only one duel and uses the standard rules. This format is only available on YGOPro and so all tag matches must be carried out there.
  • Link to download YGOPro: here. (For Windows; use the self-extractor)
  • Link to Dueling Network: here. (You will need to make an account)
If you need any help on how to use either of these applications, feel free to send either of us a message and we'll be happy to assist!

Rules & Ban List
Due to the audience, these tournaments will adhere to more restrictive ban lists as to avoid certain decks making the tournament unplayable for less experienced duelists.
  • Decks must adhere to the official up to date ban list.
  • Cards from the following archetypes may not be used in any form: Mermail; Elemental Dragons (Dragon Rulers); Fire Fist; Spellbook (Hidden Spellbook and Spellbook Organization are still permitted)
  • In tag duels, both duelists may not use the same archetype for their decks.
  • All single duels should be carried out on YGOPro if possible, otherwise use Dueling Network; all tag duels should performed be using YGOPro (YGOPro has automatic play so rulings can't be disputed).
  • All duels for the singles tournament must be in the Match format (best of three duels); tag matches will be as standard for YGOPro.
  • Standard rules apply: 8000 Life Points; 5 cards to start; draw one card per turn.
  • If there is a dispute over a card's ruling, look into the ruling first before arguing about it (each card has a 'rulings' page on this site). If a ruling cannot be decided; consult on of the event organisers to make a decision.
  • For a duel's result to count, both participants most post the results in this thread. If your partner hasn't posted the result, please contact us.
  • Don't make fun of duelists for using bad decks/combos; this tournament is for fun!

Here are the rewards! (Hover to see descriptions)

Here's how to take part; simply fill out the sign-up form of your choosing (or both if you'd rather!) and you'll be added as a participant. Once you've been added, please wait until the event starts before beginning to duel or your wins shan't count.

[b]Username:[b] Your username
[b]Deck:[/b] The deck you'll be using; if you're using a deck not currently released on Dueling Network then please provide a backup
[b]Preferred Platform:[/b] YGOPro and/or Dueling Network
[b]Username:[b] Your username
[b]Partner:[/b] Your partner's username; please have both members of the team post this form
[b]Deck:[/b] The deck you'll be using; don't list both member's decks here
Singles Participants
AlexOzzyCake (YGOPro/Dueling Network) - Batteryman (36 points)
François (YGOPro/Dueling Network) - Harpies (29 points)
Olli97 (Dueling Network) - Gem-Knights (1 points)
Dark Leader Adam (YGOPro) - Karakuri (1 point)
Bloodex (Dueling Network) - Exodia/Dark Magician (40 points)
Mr. X (Dueling Network) - Savage Burn (16 points)
Seraphimon-sama (Dueling Network) - Spellcasters (3 point)
SwiftSign (YGOPro) - Dino'Rabbits' (8 points)
LilJz (Dueling Network) - Empty Jars (9 points)
Cirrus (Dueling Network) - 'yolo homebrew deck' (35 points)
SetheKing (Dueling Network) - Dragons (3 points)
Zagan (Dueling Network) - Batteries (7 points)
BtanH (Dueling Network) - Infernity (7 points)

Tag Participants
AlexOzzyCake x François - Red-Eyes x Blue-Eyes