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I've been considering making a civilization RP here based off of Pokémon. The world used will be original, and it will have its geography and all that.

However, I will feel a lot more comfortable if I've got an experienced and active RP'er from here who is willing to help me GM this thing, just to help it run smoothly.

Please note that I'm a somewhat experienced RP'er, and some of my favorite RP's in the past have been civ RP's. However, this is the first time I've created rather than merely participated in any sort of well-planned RP, in the several years I've been doing so. In light of this, please note that I'm specifically seeking those who have a good track record of creating successful RP's or otherwise GM'ing them.

I'll pull the hard work in creating the RP, but I would very much appreciate creative support in creating events which will move the plot along during slow periods, creating NPC factions, and moderating the RP in general.

Any takers?
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