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    First, I want to say that I am female HAHAHA. Things I state here are purely observations and do not
    apply to every single female on planet earth because everyone is different. Thought I should make that
    clear. (*ノ・ω・)ノ

    Do you think that women overcomplicate things when it comes to romantics and what they expect
    from men? Or do you think the fault lies with them for the complications?

    Yes, some women do overcomplicate things because they want men to offer them security and love in
    a different way, I would say. They romanticise things a lot so when the outcome deviates too much
    from what they had expected they'll be unhappy. Not the 'sad and depressed' unhappy or the 'I hate
    you' unhappy. Actually they are unhappy with themselves for expecting too much. A hug would easily
    solve the problem so guys, you know what to do. They also expect men to devote some time to
    them. Not all, but at least a little!

    I'd also suggest for the males to not read too deeply into what you think females are thinking because
    I know of this guy who doesn't talk to girls with his girlfriend around. He's scared she'll be jealous and
    stuff but really, she isn't. The boy loses friends and the girl's friends think that the tension in the air is
    awkward so ultimately it is a lose-lose situation. This differs from girl to girl though.

    What do you think is the best/easiest way for a man to approach a woman for the first time to say

    Help her with something, like when she drops her stuff or when she doesn't know how to do her
    homework. Don't just walk up to her and say hi straight in her face if she doesn't know you. You'll
    scare her!

    Other advice. (this goes to both male and female parties)
    Please listen to what each other have to say and don't assume too many things! Girls please don't cut
    the guys' sentences short and talk about your story it doesn't hurt to listen and the world doesn't
    solely revolve around you. Thanks.

    Just a note, do not mention her period if she is in a bad mood okay! ヾ(°д°)ノ゛

    #1 She may just be having a bad day and you really don't want to make it worse for her.
    #2 If she really is on her period then you're as good as gone.
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