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    the weirdest glitch i have ever experienced would be on my pokemon ruby. i had got to the part where i have just earned my starter pokemon (treecko all the way) and i have to battle may. i had saved the game in route 101 where i received my starter. i then turned off and didnt play pokemon ruby for almost a year. after looking through my stuff i found ruby so i was curious as to whereabouts i was in the game so i loaded up my save file. as soon as i appear on route 101.
    professor birch is being chased by a zigzagoon / poochyena but theres another prof birch standing on the jump ledge. im very confused but interested at this point so i decided to talk to the prof birch stnding on the ledge. weird text appears such as symbols and what seems like Japanese sort of writing after the text had finished i pressed b to end the conversation and a yellow flash shot up turning my screen red. after taking one step my gba crashed and completely broke as well as my ruby cartridge.

    the really strange thing is though is that i dont have a gameshark or do any in game glitch so im puzzled as to how it happened.
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