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For fanfiction, my ideas come as attempts to explain the games in real-world terms - which then suck in other ideas I have, generated either through idle dreaming or through discussion with others. Hence why I might start off writing a story where Ghetsis is a politician attempting to gain governmental power, and end up writing a massive saga about ancient buried demons and prehistoric superweapons that bears only a passing resemblance to my source material.

I do try and stay close to the games in terms of theme and tone, though - R/S/E always seemed to me, with their big conflicts and giant monsters, very B-movie-ish, and I tried to portray that; Platinum, where the main character never actually manages to stop the bad guy and the world is saved only by the timely intervention of Giratina, made for a much darker, more serious story. Unova is a world with two versions that rests on the idea of duality, so I made that a major theme for my B/W story.

But like I said, that gets adulterated with all kinds of random ideas and observations, like 'hey, the east half of Hoenn looks like a massive caldera', or 'in the iron block model of the universe, couldn't you theoretically predict the future with a Metagross?'

Other than that, I make it all up as I go along. Whatever feels right is what happens next.


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