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    Cheryll Renee Moreau

    As Cheryll closed her book, having finished it she noticed something else falling from the sky. Why does that keep happening today? she thought standing up. Might as well take this back to the library since I finished it she thought walking away from the pool the book held tightly in her hands. As she walked she James from her class holding two weapons and staring at a woman with blue-black hair. "I shouldn't let them fight" she said to herself.

    Walking over to them Cheryll looked nervously between the two. why do I feel like this is a bad idea she thought. "w-why d-do y-you l-look like....y-your a-about t-to f-fight h-her?" she stuttered out speaking to James before looking at the unknown woman. "a-and w-who a-are y-you?" she asked the woman feeling nervous for some reason.

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