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    Originally Posted by Uikri View Post
    EDIT: Holy cow how do I do this (See attachment)? I'm using Emerald, and I had to use GoldFinger because when trying to use HxD, it required the admin password, and even when my dad entered it, it would say "I have some issues starting up. Relaunch me!" It didn't work either of the two times I tried.
    Is the latest version of HxD?

    I don't understand then. Could you please explain what we are looking for, how we find it, and what we replace it with? (EDIT: Okay, I've figured out that I have to replace 0811A1E8 with 0011A1E8, but when I type in that offset in the "Go to" box, nothing appears. Granted, that could be because of how it's displaying. I do not know how to manually locate 0811A1E8 because nothing like that is being listed in the table.)
    You need to go to 0811A1E8 and replace 08 with 00. However, Hex Editors will tell you that doesn't exist, because all they do is display the rom - when using the goto function, just remove the beginning 08.
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