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    [DISCLAIMER: This first post is currently under reconstruction as it doesn't accurately depict where this game is going. Please come back in a few days to view the updated post. What you can read below is where I started off.]

    I have had this idea about a Pokémon game for a while. I've looked around everywhere yet to my knowledge it doesn't exist. A Pokémon game which includes all regions introduced thus far in the original Pokémon games (Gen I - V). The idea is that players choose their starting region and set of on their quest to become a Pokémon Master. From there they work their way through all gyms, regions, and Pokémon Leagues. During their adventure they can explore all regions, catch Pokémon, complete '(side) quests', and obviously build their ultimate Pokémon team.

    The game will be build on Pokémon Essentials. From there the original regions will be added with all wild encounters, items, trainers, gyms, and league. Each region will also have the bad guy team from that region. All legendaries will also be obtainable, yet will require more elaborate side quests to encounter. The maps will be close to the originals, with small adaptations where needed. New areas will be added for players to explore. Over time the world will slowly change as result of specific events; for example the eruption on Cinnebar island.

    Players will start the game in one of the regions as a regular trainer. From there they get access to different Player Classes. Just like other trainers the player will also have a variety classes; for example a Pokémon Trainer, a Pokémon Breeder, or a Swimmer. Each Class will vary slightly from the other classes, with each having a few unique features and different costumes. Some areas and Pokémon will be exclusive to a specific class.

    Planned Feature List
    - All 649 Pokémon (incl. attacks and abilities).
    - All original regions (gen I - V).
    - All gyms, Pokémon Leagues, and regional dexes.
    - Different Player Classes (incl. different costumes).
    - New Quests and challenges.
    - More challenging opponents.

    What Now
    - Share your opinions, ask your questions, and any feedback (constructive criticism) is welcome.
    - I am also looking for people who are willing to join me on this project.

    Disclaimer: I did not create Pokémon Essentials, or anything in it. Copyright of that work will remain to the rightful owners.

    View my profile page for scripts/tutorials made by me, even ones which aren't posted yet.
    Currently working on a demo for Tales from the Pokémon World (based on the World of Pokémon project)
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