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- Do you think that women overcomplicate things when it comes to romantics and what they expect from men? Or do you think the fault lies with them for the complications?
I think that is is more of a personal thing than a gender-based thing. In my last relationship I was the one who always over complicated things not my girlfriend. I believe it is a mistake to accept stereotypes like this as fact unless you are looking to be single shortly after the relationship begins.

- Do you think that instead, men oversimplify the needs of a woman? Or Vice versa
This is exactly the same situation as my above answer. It was certainly my girlfriend not me who viewed things in a far too simple manor but I don't think this applies to all of them in any way.

- What do you think is the easiest way for a man to approach a woman for the first time to say "hi
Just do it an hope for the best. If she turns out to be a sucky human being, leave it at "hi" and move on. If she seems decent try to start a conversation.

- What do you think is the best way for a man to come up to a girl?
How do you mean?

- What, in relationships do partners do that they may be unaware is bothering their partner and how can they be better boyfriends/girlfriends.
There's no sure fire way of knowing what annoys a person without asking them and as every person is different you shouldn't just assume that something will be okay for everyone because it is for you or someone else you know.

- Can you give any experience based advice for guys out there trying to understand women?
- Can you give any experience based advice for girls out there trying to understand men?

I will say one thing here. The major point I have been trying to get across here is that most of these traits are very subjective and have little or nothing to do with gender. the only true way you will have any hope of "deciphering" the opposite gender is to stop looking at the gender as a collective and start considering the individual person. Yes, some things are more true of one gender than the other (and vice versa) but if you just assume these things to be the case your attempt at communicating is a failure before it has begun.


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