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Takumi Makkusu - ...

This is ShinyDiamond here. Takumi won't be here for the time being. I will post on his behalf. All will be explained piece by piece.

Frio fight Solo. It was a short fight, but Solo knocked Frio out & tossed him to the side. Then Tak witnessed something about Solo. He shouted at nowhere. He pulled on his collar, trying to rip it off. It confused Tak. He wondered if Fairytale had control of him, & if it was even possible. Afterwards, Solo froze, didn't move. He was like a puppet. He rose, then shot another blast at the group Yorick only moved out of the way, who didn't bother to block the attack. Tak didn't have time to think, but to act. How damaged would Nami be if she took the hit, he thought. Time took it's course as Tak got in front of Nami, blocking her from the blast, even though we all knew what would come of this.

The dust settled. Tak was on the ground, unconscious or possibly dead. Would one turn him right side up, they would find blood stained on his clothes, while his eyes were blank. That's all I can say here. Until something else is posted from the other RPers that has to do with Tak, he's right there. On the ground. Possibly dead. I'll shut up now.

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