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The following is my inspiration for this thread:
I had an elderly Korean patient in the hospital department where I volunteer. He approached me because he was reading a poster with a message that he thought was "a good policy". That policy was one of embracing diversity, equity and inclusion, between races, genders, sexual orientation, and those who do and do not require accessibility needs. Now naturally, I take it for granted and express that this is a hospital, a place where care is provided, and so of all places you're most likely to find a policy like that in a place like this one. He tells me that he is still impressed for a neighbouring hospital doesn't have such a policy. Okay, that's interesting.

I ask him why inclusion, equity, and diversity was so important to him. He tells me that he was once a public servant working for the federal government. As part of his work, he'd have to travel up north to small towns like Sault Ste. Marie and Timmins (for you Canadians ) and do his business, have meetings etc. He encountered racism and contempt, hearing people say things like "Pardon my words, but what is a ****ing ***** doing here?".

For a person who spent most of his sentient life in the 21st century, this was very shocking for me. It occurred to me that statements like the one above are scarcely... possible in the present. So... is racism expressed today? How has it changed over the course of the past generations? Is the explicit expression of racism going underground? What do you think of "subliminal" racism? Feel free to ask your parents or older people you know about the things they've heard, said, had said to them, participated in ... you know, sticky stuff.

Also for bonus points, what do you think of anti-racism activists? For their loudness and the space they occupy in the media, education system and university campuses, are they still relevant?

Happy discussing!
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