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Originally Posted by Mac View Post
Thanks for sharing, Ringo. That's definitely an oversight on their part and would need to be taken up with them, but good luck. I think they have a thread on project pokemon if you want to post your experience there and the results from Pokecheck. Nice trophies, though. I have a HoO Arceus myself so I understand wanting to have an unobtainable trophy. :-)
I will consider bringing it to their attention... But do you have any clue on what I am doing wrong when I try to share my legality anyalsis with you?

One of these days I will get around to my HoO Arceus too. It is rather sad to me that they never released the flute legitematly. My next Gen IV project though I think will be a shiny Manaphy. Sticking to my Gen III Legends, and some more Dream World Pokemon for now though.

Too hot to be outside... Got to work on my Dream World RNG's on my Black. Still have a few left to do, but here's the first five. I have way too many waiting on my White, so getting to work on White next.

#442 Spiritomb ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Serious - Infiltrator - 30/30/15/31/3/30 - Untrained
HP: Psychic 70
Spite - Shadow Sneak - Faint Attack - Pain Split

#133 Eevee ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Docile - Anticipation - 31/10/31/10/31/30 - Untrained
HP: Fire 70
Tackle - Helping Hand - Sand-Attack - Charm

#235 Smeargle ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Naughty - Moody - 30/31/30/26/31/30 - Untrained
HP: Fire 70
Sketch - Sleep Talk - *** - ***

#142 Aerodactyl ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Lonely - Unnerve - 30/31/31/11/31/19 - Untrained
HP: Dragon 70
Bite - Scary Face - Roar - Stealth Rock

#207 Gligar ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Mild - Immunity - 31/17/30/24/27/12 - Untrained
Poison Sting - Sand-Attack - Harden - Feint

Wish me luck with the abuses I have ahead of me on the White.
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