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    Username: Liang2
    Game: SoulSilver
    Additional Rules:
    Blackout = Game Over
    No legendaries (if encountered in wild I will get another chance)
    No duplicates (if encountered in wild I will get another chance

    I didn't count the Pokemon I encountered before I got Pokeballs.

    Started a new game.
    Made a male character named Liang.
    Went to Professor Elm's lab.
    My starter choices were Yanma, Quilava, and Shuppet.
    I was tempted to choose Quilava to kinda cheese the game, but I chose Shuppet and nicknamed it Puppet (so creative, right?)
    Obtained 5 Potions from Researcher.
    Made it to Cherrygrove City, got Running Shoes from Guide Gent.
    Got Apricorn Box.
    Went to Mr. Pokemon's house, got Mystery Egg.
    Headed back to Cherrygrove City.
    Rival battle was stupidly easy 'cause Puppet's Ghost-typeness makes Rival's Totodile's Scratch have no effect.
    Puppet grew to Lvl. 6.
    Went back to New Bark Town.
    Entered Prof. Elm's Lab.
    Named my rival Mek (after one of my friends)
    Did the whole catching Pokemon tutorial.
    Obtained 5 Pokeballs.
    First Pokemon on Route 29 was Voltorb, which I caught. Nicknamed it Pokeball.
    First Pokemon on Route 30 was Groudon which, unfortunately, I was not allowed to catch.
    Found an Infernape, which lowered my Puppet to literally 1 HP, then I caught it. Nicknamed it MonkeyBurn.

    Team so far:
    Pokeball the Voltorb, Lvl 7, Static, 24 HP, 9 Att, 13 Def, 14 SpA, 13 SpD, 19 Spd
    Moves: Charge, Tackle

    Puppet the Shuppet, Lvl 7, Frisk, 23 HP, 15 Att, 10 Def, 15 SpA, 9 SpD, 13 Spd
    Moves: Knock Off, Screech

    MonkeyBurn the Infernape, Lvl 7, Blaze, 27 HP, 20 Att, 16 Def, 20 SpA, 15 SpD, 21 Spd
    Moves: Scratch, Leer, Ember, Taunt