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    Alright today I had a lot of time to play so here it goes:

    As I left the Dream Yard I was met by Cheren. Unfortunately he destroyed the Pansage I was trying to train. So now I have Gary and by the sweet grace of luck my first encounter at Route 3 was a female Darumaka, named her slot. Now that I now had two Pokemon, I marched my way to Nacrene City and defeated Lenora. Now as I was chasing Team Plasma through Pinwheel Forest, I was encountered by an Emboar. Unfortunately I had slot up front so I was scared of a fighting type move, so I switched to Gary. What made this battle even worse is that a mud-slap killed it with a crit. So no new pokemon for me So I had to deal with the fact I couldn't get any new Pokemon until after Castelia City, which wasn't a big deal because slot being a fire type beast. So Burgh was taken out without losing Gary or slot. Now the battle with Bianca was a bit dicy but I was able to get out alive because of some hacks The battle against Cheren afterwards wasn't nearly as close but still something to consider. Now in Route 4 I'm encountered by a Quilava (score!) unfortunately at 1 HP the thing didn't want to be caught by my ultra ball and died because of the Sandstorm. Now desperate I run to the Desert Resort in hopes of finding a Pokemon. What I ended up catching a Gorbyss Named that thing pinky because I wasn't too thrilled about it. So now being even more afraid I head to the Relic Castle to hopefully find a better Pokemon. My prayers were answered with a Reshiram. Yep. That thing took almost every single ball I had to catch. But I caught it. Named it Richie. As I was approaching the gym N decides to take me on his ferris wheel and then battle me afterwards, sort of ironic how he wanted Zekrom and I already had Reshiram. So now for Elesa, the gym-leader. She honestly had no chance. Richie destroyed her Emolgas and Gary completely walled her Zebstrika. Now that I have four badges I am on Driftveil Bridge and that's where I left off. Hopefully I can find a website that is annoying to hold my screenshots so I can have proof of what I'm doing. But until then I'm signing off
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