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Hosted by Para-Dox, Zeffy, and vaporeon7


The sixth generation of Pokémon is drawing quickly! It is, once again, a time for anticipation of new Pokémon designs to be revealed. Getting bored of waiting? Then join this year's Pokémon Design Contest and showcase your very own 6th gen Pokémon! The most creative of all creative creation will receive a much awaited creative price! (Try saying that 3 times in succession!) We, the hosts of Pokémon Design Contest 2013, wish all the participants the best of luck! Have fun, and enjoy the rest of the get-together!

Event Details

There are essentially four categories that needs to be completed before you can submit your Pokémon. These are: Primary Information, Game Data, PokéDex Data, and Learnset. If you need any help in filling up these categories, below you will find a detailed explanation of each of them. Also, for this year's Pokémon Design Contest, a very special prompt has been chosen to honor the awaited release of Pokémon X and Y. The prompt is a Pokémon native in the Kalos region. The definition of the nativity of the Pokémon is entirely up to you. You are encouraged to state why you think that the Pokémon that you've designed is a native of the Kalos region but it is not required.

However, please take note that front and back sprites are required. Don't worry! We won't be judging your art by skills, we just want to see a visual representation of how wanted your Pokemon to look like. If the sprite isn't enough to convey what you wanted to show, then a detailed description along with the sprites is recommended.

A format for submission will be provided below. Not only will this make judging easier, it can also make things look neater. Enclose your entry in a spoiler tag.

Submission of entries is from whenever this thread is up until the end of the get-together, which is July 8. Further extension may be permitted as long as the higher staff is in coalition.

Submission of Entries

To submit your entries, simply follow the following format (it's best if you follow the formatting as well) and post it in this thread inside a spoiler. Once you have posted it in this thread, it will officially be eligible for judging. One entry per person only. If your initial entry post is not complete yet, please make a new post informing us when you are done with it.

[i][/i] / [i][/i]
[b]Ability[/b]: or
[b]Dream World Ability[/b]:
[b]Gender Ratio[/b]: / (otherwise, put Genderless)
[b]Art and Sprites[/b]:

[h2]Game Data[/h2]
[b]Egg Group[/b]:
[b]Steps to Hatch[/b]:
[b]Effort Points Given[/b]:
[b]Capture Rate[/b]:
[b]Base Happiness[/b]:
[b]Growth Rate[/b]:
[b]Wild Held Item[/b]: (put none if your Pokémon has no held item in the wild)
[b]Base Stats[/b]: Total:

[h2]PokéDex Data[/h2]
[b]PokéDex Entry[/b]: ''

[b]Level Up Moves[/b]:
or Start |

[b]Egg Moves[/b]:
(must be in alphabetical order, additionally if your Pokémon doesn't have any tutor moves put " has no egg moves.")

[b]Tutor Moves[/b]:
(must be in alphabetical order, additionally if your Pokémon doesn't have any tutor moves put " has no tutor moves.")

[b]Technical and Hidden Machines[/b]:
(must be in numerical order)
| [/spoiler]

If you are unsure of what to put in any of the fields, here is a run down of everything that you need to know about each specific fields:

Primary Information
They say a person's name can tell you something about that person. The same applies to Pokémon! When choosing a name, try to be creative but don't go overboard with it. The names of some Pokémon are based from what they were based from. For example, Squirtle comes from 'squirrel' and 'turtle' because it looks like a turtle with a squirrel's tail.

When choosing your Pokémon's type, it's best to base it off of what they look like or what their abilities are. There are also Pokémon which have two types; more commonly known as 'dual-types'. You can create your own type combinations and be creative!

When you hear the word Pokémon, it's almost always accompanied by evolution. Being one of Pokémon's key features, giving your own Pokémon an evolution is a sure-fire way of being creative. If you want to be more creative, then you can opt out evolution! When creating evolutions, however, keep in mind a few things: is my Pokémon not strong enough that it needs a bigger, stronger form? Does my Pokémon look too strong that it may need some pre-evolutions? How is my Pokémon going to evolve, through level-up, friendship, or some tail-biting ritual? You are not required to give your Pokémon an evolution or a pre-evolution. Be creative! Don't shy away from making evolutions since you don't need to give specific details about them.

A Pokémon can have a total of two (2) abilities, each having a 50/50 chance of appearing when met in the wild. Your Pokémon's ability(ies) should correspond to their looks, basis, types, etc. For example, giving a Fire-type Swift Swim isn't really plausible idea since Fire-type moves are weakened during rain. Also, please don't be a troll and give Wonder Guard to a Pokémon without any weaknesses. Here is a list of acceptable abilities at the moment.

Dream World Ability
Dream world abilities, as their name suggests, are abilities that a Pokémon can have when encountered in the Dream World. These are still abilities that should correspond to your Pokémon, so don't go overboard.

Gender Ratio
When deciding for gender ratios, keep in mind about your Pokémon's looks (although, looks can be deceiving *cough*Machop*cough*). There are specific gender ratios to keep in mind, though. These are 50% male / 50% Female (like Pikachu), 25% male / 75% Female (such as Azurill), 75% male / 25% female (like Growlithe), 87.5% male / 12.5% female (such as Squirtle), 100% male (such as Hitmontop), 100% female (such as Blissey), or Genderless (such as Klink). Masculinity and femininity should be considered when deciding.

Art and Sprites
Perhaps the biggest part of the competition, your Pokémon's looks. Keep in mind the information that you have inputted above. Be realistic! Defensive Pokémon could have rock-hard armor, while the frail ones could look a bit skinny. This is where your creativity needs to be squeezed! Like we've said before, we won't be judging your sprite by skills so don't worry if you don't have god-like spriting skills. Front and back sprites are required. You could also make shiny sprites or other forms of art, but those are optional.

Game Data
Egg Group
There are essentially fifteen egg groups. For more information about them, see Bulbapedia's Egg group page. Your Pokémon may be a part of two (2) egg groups. If your Pokémon cannot breed, then put it in the "Undiscovered" group. If it can breed with every Pokémon, like Ditto can, put it in the "Ditto" group.

Steps to Hatch
When determining how many steps your Pokémon needs before hatching, it's best to first determine whether your Pokémon's rarity and strength. The number could range from 1,000 to 10,000 steps. Baby Pokémon also tend to have lower counts. Finding a Pokémon with similar rarity and strength as yours and copying its number of steps is usually the best way to go about this.

Effort Points Given
Different Pokémon give different EV points depending on their highest stat.. It also depends on what stage the Pokémon is. For example, Pichu gives 1 speed point while Raichu gives three speed points. There are also cases in which the Pokémon's second highest stat is considered, such as Beedrill giving 1 attack point and 1 special defense point.

Capture Rate
This is another field in which a Pokémon's strength and rarity is considered. This number can range from 0 (meaning your Pokémon cannot be caught in the wild) to 255 (almost always a successful capture). Common and weak Pokémon such as Magikarp has a capture rate of 255. It's also best to determine this by finding a similar existing Pokémon with the same strength and rarity then copying its capture rate.

Base Happiness
Happiness affects the moves Return and Frustration, some evolutions, and availability of some in-game items. This is usually 70 and the only reason of increasing that number is if your Pokémon is really friendly. There's not much point in choosing a number lower than 70, but feel free to do so if you think it accords to your Pokémon.

Growth Rate
There are six (6) growth rate groups. These are erratic, fast, medium fast, medium slow, slow, and fluctuating. The 'erratic' (like Altaria) group require the most experience in leveling up but is overall very fast, the 'fast' (like Aipom) group levels up at the same fast rate, the 'medium fast' (like Pikachu) group is pretty much like fast but slower, the 'medium slow' (like Abra) group is much like slow but faster, the 'slow' (like Abomasnow) group levels up at the same slow rate (the opposite of fast), and the 'fluctuating' (like Breloom) group is the direct opposite of the erratic group: it requires the least amount of experience but is overall very slow. Choose which best fits your Pokémon.

Wild Held Item
Wild held items, as the name suggests, are items that your Pokémon has a chance of holding when met in the wild. Most Pokémon doesn't have this, so you aren't required to give your Pokémon one either. When choosing one, however, take note of your Pokémon's habitat and choose accordingly.

Base Stats
Base stats are essentially a Pokémon's stat at level 100 without EVs, IVs, or stat enhancements. Be realistic with this, a defensive Pokémon will usually have higher defense than offense. The stats you are providing should be balanced as well, so no 100/100/100/100/100/100 stats or we will probably ignore your entry overall.

PokéDex Data
PokéDex Entry
Every Pokémon has its own Pokédex entry, making it an essential part of creating your own Pokémon. A dex entry should include unique details about your Pokémon - something that makes it stand out. Is it able to speak telepathically or is it usually found among many of the same species? Is it often used by humans to power a laboratory, or does it change color depending on the seasons? Your entry should reflect the uniqueness of your Pokémon, even if all it does is sleep (like Munchlax and Snorlax).

A Pokémon's species is usually based from its original basis, such as Pikachu being based from a mouse therefore being called the "mouse Pokémon".

Take a look at your Pokémon's sprite. What is its color? Figured it out yet? Great! However keep in mind that only specific colors can be chosen. These are black, blue, brown, gray, green, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow. Chose whichever is the closest.

Envision your Pokémon's height. Be wild, just as long as it corresponds with your other details. It could be as huge as Wailord or as small as Rattata.

Your Pokémon's weight should correspond its descriptions. A cloud-looking Pokémon isn't going to be as heavy as a big rock, you know.

Level-Up Moves
Each Pokémon learns at least one move, making this another essential part of creating your own Pokémon. Keep your Pokémon's special traits in mind when listing its moves. Is it a frightening Pokémon that growls to keep humans at bay? If so, a move such as Roar would be fitting! You will be required to make a full list of the moves your Pokémon can learn, including the level each move is learned at. Make sure to include the "starting" moves your Pokémon knows as soon as it is hatched or received, as those are also very important. Additionally, make sure to be creative and realistic with your movesets!

Egg Moves
These are moves your Pokémon learns from specific breeding that it cannot normally learn on its own. Again, creativity and realism is highly encouraged. If you're creating a fire type Pokémon and only making it learn fire-type egg moves, things become rather uninteresting. Try to change things up while also making sure whatever move you're giving your Pokémon makes sense for it to have (so no fire types using Water Gun, for example).

Tutor Moves
Next, we have tutor moves, which are moves a Pokémon can learn through a move tutor and not through breeding or level-up. Bulbapedia has a list of available Pokemon tutors in the games, so use that link to find appropriate moves for your Pokémon to learn. Again, be creative and realistic!

Technical and Hidden Machines
Lastly, we will move on to the TM/HM moves. TM stands for Technical Machine while HM stands for Hidden Machine. There are 95 available TMs and 6 HMs as of Black and White 2 that your Pokémon can learn, which are listed on Serebii's TM/HM page for Black and White 2. Find moves that are appropriate for your Pokémon and, of course, be creative and realistic with what you choose!

For all intents and purposes, here's an example of an entry that we will accept.


Name: Pikachu
Evolution: Pichu - (friendship) - Pikachu - (Thunderstone) - Raichu
Ability: Static or Lightningrod
Dream World Ability: None
Gender Ratio: 50% male / 50% female
Art and Sprites:

Game Data

Egg Group: Field, Fairy
Steps to Hatch: 5355
Effort Points Given: 2 Speed
Capture Rate: 190
Base Happiness: 70
Growth Rate: Medium Fast
Wild Held Item: Light Ball
Base Stats: 35 / 55 / 30 / 50 / 40 / 90 Total: 300

PokéDex Data

PokéDex Entry: 'When several of these Pokémon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms.'
Species: Mouse Pokémon
Color: Yellow
Height: 1'4" (0.4m)
Weight: 13.2lbs (6.0kg)


Level Up Moves:
Start | Growl
Start | Thundershock
5 | Tail Whip
10 | Thunder Wave
13 | Quick Attack
18 | Electro Ball
21 | Double Team
26 | Slam
29 | Thunderbolt
34 | Feint
37 | Agility
42 | Discharge
45 | Light Screen
50 | Thunder

Egg Moves:
Fake Out
Lucky Chant
Thunder Punch
Volt Tackle

Tutor Moves:
Helping Hand
Iron Tail
Knock Off
Magnet Rise
Signal Beam
Sleep Talk
Thunder Punch

Technical and Hidden Machines:
06 | Toxic
10 | Hidden Power
16 | Light Screen
17 | Protect
18 | Rain Dance
21 | Frustration
24 | Thunderbolt
25 | Thunder
27 | Return
28 | Dig
31 | Brick Break
32 | Double Team
42 | Facade
44 | Rest
45 | Attract
48 | Round
49 | Echoed Voice
56 | Fling
57 | Charge beam
70 | Flash
72 | Volt Switch
73 | Thunder Wave
86 | Grass Knot
87 | Swagger
90 | Substitute
93 | Wild Charge
94 | Rock Smash
HM04 | Strength


If you find your name listed in this list, consider this emblem yours together with the chance of getting another emblem if ever your creation is qualified for the top three! There may be more prizes so just do your best! Best of luck to all.
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