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    Yesterday I found an awesome feature in the Editor of Pokémon Essentials 12.1: Edit Regional Dexes!
    So I decided to use it and to add Hoenn (from Pokémon Emerald), Sinnoh (from the enhanced dex in Platinum) and Unova (from the new dex in Black and White 2)... but this's the problem:

    I can't add the number 000 Victini to the Unova dex.

    I tried to find the script compiler of the PBS file pokemon.txt (pbCompilePokemonData in Compiler), but
    is an array, and all I did with arrays was to define a customized animation for an animatedsprite XD

    My suggestion is:
    - add the possibility to add "000" to a regional dex

    I saw a lot of fakemon projects, so here's another suggestion if you would:
    - add the possibility to add different numbers for fake-pokemon generations ([f001],[f002],etc. that will be reconverted like [(last official pokemon number)+001],[(last official pokemon number)+002],etc.) or the possibility to massive move pokémon in the National Dex with the Editor (move up or down a full generation without changing every national dex number in pokemon.txt). The same could be applied for moves, abilities, items. With this the official pokemon, moves, etc. will be before the fake ones (good for national dex list).
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