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Originally Posted by Sunfished View Post
The information for them looks great Nebulat :D

I've noticed we're missing alot of the "generic" things, which I guess I'll list :P
  • Generic Bird, a la Pidgey, Starly, etc
  • 3 Stage insect that evolves slightly faster than the others
  • That annoying cave dweller, aka Zubat
  • Another offset to the above is the 3-stage Rock Type
  • One-stage Normal Type Gimmick, which introduces a new battle mechanic, like Ditto's Transformation, Smeargle's Sketch, Kecleon's ability, etc
  • The "Chansey", or that Pokemon that exists just to get beat up for exp :P
  • Our Pikachu!
  • We also need a new Psuedo-Legendary, which is preferrably a Dragon
I was thinking that maybe we should have either the Pikachu, Chansey, or Gimmick of the Dex be based on PokeCommunity itself, to keep into the spirit that this is a community project :P
Its ability can be something like "Tag-Out", which lets the Pokemon it switches into attack that same turn, which references our sudden leaving and someone elses introduction in the project :D

I miss everyone that went though ;___;
All those ideas you gave are a la magnifique. I really thing that one-stage normal type gimmick is pretty nice.

Maybe a Pokémon whose typing and it's signature move's type change every three turns? That'd be an awesome gimmick for sure.

And sorry for the big dee-lay, I've been busy with stuff so yeah, spare me y'all.
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