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Part Twenty-Two: Let's go fishing!
Or getting confused by RESEARCH and doctors.


Let's go see this oddly named lake.

Palan got a new theme, as did Liz Island, so we should get a new tune, right...?

Nope, back to the standard overworld theme! We will get a different tune later, but this is the theme for the update.

Considering we've seen no lakes of note before, I suppose we'll take his word for it.

Granted, this is the second square of the area we've seen (third if we count the tree), but that's a hell of a lake right there. =p

Also yay a forced phone call.

A lake.

And Sungki is not easily impressed!

What is with everyone and wanting to fish the moment they see a body of water?

A logical conclusion.

Don't ask Bek, he just knows about baseball and Peach Boy.

Alright, that's an acceptable amount of water, and I suppose that's the antenna tree door too. But unlike the sea we can't actually go walking through water. =/ Talk about a lame power!

What was the point of this map design? @[email protected] (Answer - seemingly none).

The people around here like sitting in corners.

A star thing! Let's hit it.

It's a good idea to recruit some 'friends' around here given everything else takes three turns minimum to reach you!

Yay type advantage.

That doesn't sound like a good dex entry...

What persons who came in?

That's slightly more informative, I suppose. Guess we should check them out after some more exploring.

Oh, one of these guys again! Useful to get, but sadly this one did not give us their number.

And then this one appears. Another evolution of a monster seen all the way back in Tulunk.

And he's friendly!

And very good at hiding, apparently.

What are you doing in the corner there?

Biology is an interesting choice of words there. Useable, but strange for speech. I suppose that's the mystery of this place - strange thing in the lake, and some guys are scared of it.

And some guys just want to be on TV.

Another evolution! This place is full of them.

A straightforward entry here. That's enough of getting friends as backup - time to see a guy with a unique sprite.

He's just chilling.

First time of...what exactly? =/

Can't you see, Bek? He's being a plot relevant character.

Looked more like you were just staring at the lake, really.

The quest of friendship! Given we have pages upon pages of phone numbers, I'd have thought that we've already done enough of that, but clearly not.


For goodness sake, Bek, don't encourage him! He's called DR BRAG, after all.


A good question.

So basically it's Telefang's version of a legendary Pokemon. Just supernal. Meanwhile Dr. Brag turned his back on us.

Well, we found a fat master of the island, but I don't think that's quite it.

So Bek has heard of it before, or not? Abuh.

Come now, you can't just give us this conversation for no reason. We're going to bump into one of these supernal things sooner or later.


I like how he didn't wait for an answer from Bek.

Wait, did you say that?

Bek, are you being brainwashed? =|

I don't like how Bek was talked into this helping thing. Again. =|

The doctor then goes up. Let's follow him!

Hey, where did he go?

Good question, random NPC!

Dang. Well, we did hear about some guy running away back on the left side of the lake, so he's probably the same person as what Dr. BRAG mentioned. Might as well go there.

This happened on the way there!

Found him!

That's a casual way to begin a conversation.

RESEARCH? Oh dear, the game's assigning names before it should, or maybe when it shouldn't...

That's an interesting reaction...

...As is that.

Well, at least this plot development is a bit better than the attack of the telemarketers.


If you cast your minds back to Kelina Village, you'll recall an NPC explaining this. They were into pharmacy! What a useful detail.

Wait, what?

Woah what no you are a person. Called RESEARCH, apparently. Uh.

So basically, we've got an escaped scientist working for another, who is saying they are an e-monster created by their boss. Who treats e-monsters like draught animals.


Well, maybe the dock will make more sense.

Well, are you going to say anything else, Mr OCTOBRE RESEARCH man?

Okay, I suppose.


Let's just go.

Oh look it's the doctor. Let's ask him-

So the crazy guy was right?

Huh. How about that.

Sadly that earlier line is surely a mistranslation on the translator's side, and if anything is a line that shouldn't even be in the game. (Maybe something to that effect was unused text in the game though, and they just shoved it here?) All this does is just make things confusing. Or more so, given how this game has gone so far.

Ha, ha, ha, ha! Why is this funny?

This OCTOBRE jumps and then disappears back into the water.

Who are you talking to?

No, seriously, why are you monologuing loudly at the lake?

Oh wait.

Do something, Bek and Not-Sandslash!

Nicely done. Hurrah for the convenient tree!

I'm not really sure if Bek is speaking here, but let's just go with it.

This screenshot is not a bad sum up of how confusing that sequence was.

Palsy by sticks!

Well, I suppose something weird is up. Let's check it out.

And the first room greets us with statues.

We'll explore inside in the next update!