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    Originally Posted by UltimaCircuit View Post
    I am a mapper for an upcoming hack and it seems that we have come to a problem. The base ROM is Firered and we edited the main town and everything, and confirmed that we were going to use this town. And we came to an issue which is hindering progress. The issue is when you go into the game, some of our tiles having little shreds of movement tiles in them. (Btw I use Advance Map 1.92)

    Thank you in advance.
    I think I know what you mean, but i'm not completely sure. Could you please post a video? Also, did you change tiles or animations?

    Originally Posted by akihiko123 View Post
    Still not working :/
    I should put the script code(or what do you call that) in the person you want to become a trainer right?
    And oh~ if you forget me, i'm the one who ask you about Trainer Limits thingy xD
    What is the entire script? Both of them, for both events? and no, I didn't forget you

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