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Ew! It's a Nick.

I used to be very picky about genders, to the point where when planning teams, I would plan genders and search for a Pokemon of that specific gender. Nowadays, I don't mind the gender at all unless it's a Pokemon that needs to be a certain gender for evolution purposes. I also prefer to soft reset for female starters and Eevee. Other than that, I don't mind male Gardevoir or female Machamp or female Mr. Mime. In fact, I find them funny. I actually prefer having a half and half team of males and females, though I don't go out of my way to get my team to be that way. I take what I get the first time and if my team ends up half male and half female, I think it looks nicer. It's more aesthetically pleasing to have half and half or all one of the same, imo. But like I said, not going out of my way to make sure it's half and half, lol.

There is actually a challenge I made that relies heavily on gender of Pokemon and such called Gender Discrimination Challenge. It's pretty fun and I'm doing it for a second time on Ruby as a male. Y'all should check it out some time!

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