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    There's some impressive Follow Me scripts here O_o. It's too bad that the codes for some of them are bein' kept secret ; ;.

    I tried making one myself about a year ago, and got it to kinda-sorta work.

    You can watch a clip of it at youtube, but I can't link >.< Too few posts. Here is the end-trail of stuff for youtube: GHFzznDSjVE (

    Unfortunately, it doesn't account for ledges, bikes or map changing =/. I was able to make up for the map changing by re-spawning and moving the sprite, but this would need to be done for each map >.<. This is why I don't use it much, since that is a huge pain D:.

    If you want the scripts for this, I'll post what i have. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly how I set it up before >.<. Also, I had trouble getting it to work for anything other then the hacked firered engine.

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