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    Update number 2! didnt get as much dine as i'd liked since im getting a little busy but...

    Kain bumped into me as i was leaving and informed me about the gym in eternia city. Look like thats where i was going to head next, I was a little surprised when Kain just dashed off without challenging me to a battle would have been nice if he slowed down for a change, but i guess thats just how he is. Anyway! It's time we set off for Eternia ourselves!

    Just as Lt.Squawk and i were passing through jubilife, we spotted professor rowan being harrassed by some identical looking men in strange get-ups. The were trying to disguise their threats as something civil but i could see through their lies. Luca and i worked together to take them down. They were no match for Lt.Squawk! As they left they muttered something about a 'team galactic' ..what a stupid name..too much of a mouthful and theres just no style or catchyness to it at all. The professor and lucas then started up some dull explanation about the evolution of pokemon which i found it impossible to pay any interest to. Yeah, so pokemon evolved, i didnt need to know why, it was just something they did. Just when the two finally left, another guy approached me saying he was from the TV company or something and handed me a fashion case as a thanks for seeing my battle. A little weird i guess..but i wont refuse free stuff! Still I'd like to just be able to get on with my adventure!

    Used my bulldozer to remove the rocks blocking the cave in route 204. We could finally explore the areas beyond! Battles a few trainers on the other side, there was this creepy girl who was obsessed with smells and only used grass types. Lt.squawk easily won that one. then there was this guy who asked me what i though about bug types. so had Lt.Squawk show him that we eat bug types for breakfast. We avoided these twins though, they looked like they wanted a doulbe battle and i only had Squawk and a bulldozer on me. I needed to reach the next town to put my bulldozer in storage..i also heard you could find aipom around always wanted one..

    It turns out Floaroma town was really close,one of the townspeople who greated me seemed overly enthusiatic about flowers. Yeah i liked flowers, i was a girl afterall but not to this extent. they were nice to look at and smelled good, and it was fun to watch pokemon play in them.but the only thing that could make me love flowers to this extent was if Kain gave... no never mind. These things should stay in my head. Focus on the journey Sylvie! We're going to hunt for aipom! With this goal in mind i searched the town asking th eresidents about how i could find such a pokemon. I learnt that they were attracted to honey. And these flower shop ladies gave me free stuff, hoping id plant berries for them.

    Two more of those team galactic freaks were blocking my path in my hunt for aipom, so i was forced to head out of town for now, looking for more leads. I didn't get very far. Team galactic were everywhere, blocking all exits, and a little girl came to me for help, looks like the team with the bad wardrobe design was up to something fishy in the valley windworks. It was mine and Lt.Squawks duty to beat them up for training purposes. We marched right up to the valley windworks and beat the pants off of the guy guarding the door. but the sore loser then locked himself inside the building. I was annoyed so marched right back to town where i saw those

    guys earlier...only to find they were gone. This annoyed me further, so i headed into the field that they were blocking hoping the view of the flowers would calm me down....only to pot the two spacemen harrassing some old guy. Perfect. We got to vent our frustration on being beaten by a door after all...and i'm pretty sure the other guy mentioned that these two had the key i needed...mwahahahahahaha!..ahem.

    Cleaned the floor with both of them without even breaking a sweat. The second grunt was foolish enough to think that his cohort had weakened us. Lt.Squawk could take down a whole rock gym alone. This was nothing to her endurance! The idiots forgot the windworks key when they ran off. The man i saved even gave me some sweet honey. This was my lucky day! now i was sure to find an aipom! how could i resist those big ears, beady little eyes, mischievous natures and of course those enormous hand-tails? the purple little furball was destined to be part of my i just had to have patience..and stalk a tree..

    >turned off for a few hours
    > ..3-4 hours later

    Realizing i needed to wait like, 6 hours for any tree to rustle i decided to forge ahead and assault the windworks, the more trees i found the higher chance of catching my furball!

    As usual the grunts inside the windworks were pretty weak, this was going to be easy. it was a shame they didn't offer more exp for my Lt. But suddenly a different looking spaceman arrives! instead of the usual blue hair, they had pink. and their awful spacesuit had been jazzed up to make them look a little more...well..i lacked the word to describe it. It didn't matter anyway, she made some weird comments about working to better the world and then made a bet with me. the loser would leave. Easy enough, her pokemon were barely any tougher than her grunts..were the other two 'commanders' this bad?

    Beat her quickly, and she left in quite a polite manner. odd. Either way i saved the little girls daddy from the evil galactians and everybody was happy. But i still didn't have my aipom. At this rate Lt.Squawk would be too awesome to battle it and i'd have to use my bulldozer or the minnow to weaken it. an idea i wasn't too fond of. I didn't like the idea of heading through eternia forest without one either. It was going to take a lot as it was to make it as epic as my Lt.

    I decided to wait around a little longer now that i had 3 trees to try my chances on. Was going to be a long waiting game

    > several hours later....

    1st tree: strong female wurmple (lvl 9 :D). Decided to try my luck using The Minnow as a method of weakening it. always wanted a butterfree. Beautifly would be the next best thing. i had planned to wait until eternia forest and capture a silcoon right off the bat but who knows, maybe we'll get lucky. the minnow barely did any damage before being knocked out and the Lt. would be overkill.. guess we'll just throw a ball... took 2 attempts but we captured her! I named her butterfree, lets hope she evolves into a silcoon or i'll have to return her to the wild...

    With Butterfree the quirky wurmple we now had a stronger friend to use in hunting aipom! As a thanks for its service, The minnow was stored in the pc for repairs to its hull.

    2nd tree: an even stronger male wurmple (lvl 14 D: )we used it as training :D

    3rd tree: a male combee. well its a change from weedle but its no aipom. Used it as more training for butterfree, the sooner she lvled the sooner i could see if she would become my fated friend. ..... well that was shock. this combee knew gust, almost taking out my poor wurmple. there was no choice but for the Liutenant to take command

    With those three attempts failed we brought lots more hoeny and tried again....

    Butterfree evolved! ....into a cascoon... this made me sad..bye bye buttefree...

    > since its late and we have to wait a while again, saved for now.

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