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Mark kept on swatting the air aimlessly as his mind got jumbled up. Snype quickly got in position to fight while Commodore immediately flew up to the Venomoth's and used Discharge on the two Venomoth, trying to keep his distance so Snype wouldn't and Corpish wouldn't get into the blast Radius. It did a good amount of damage, even though they weren't flying types (For some stupid reason). The Venemoth didn't fight back though. They were focused on keeping the trainers confused and jumbling their minds, so they kept persisting with their Supersonic sound. Mark ended up falling down near near Sammy, crouched up and wanting so badly for the noise to go away.

To top it off, two Gloom showed up! And two humans dressed in black with large Red R's on their outfits appeared as well. The Gloom used Stun Spore on the group to keep them all in place. Snype used Detect to avoid the Stun Spore, however Commodre wasn't so lucky as he ended up getting Paralyzed. Mark couldn't even feel his muscles anymore.

"So your the kid with the Porygon... how convenient. Keheh." One grunt said. Snype went after the Glooms and got to fighting however he could.

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