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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Sammy continued to writhe around on the ground, groaning through gritted teeth and unable to do anything of use. She wasn't even fully aware of what was happening beyond the fact that something awful was going on.

    Corphish was able to use Protect to defend himself against the Stun Spore before resuming his BubbleBeam barrage on both Venomoth while Snype went after the Gloom. Fortunately BubbleBeam was a move that could hit two enemies at once, and it was best for Corphish to avoid the Gloom anyway. As Grass types they'd be able to take him down in a heartbeat if they got the chance, but the sneaky Snype was a rare Pokemon - one with no weaknesses whatsoever!

    "Yah chumps, yah dirty rotten punks, yah no good lowlife scum! Ain't nobody, ain't nobody I tells yah, layin' their mitts on The Coop!"
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