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    Kakusu - Bathroom --> Roof

    After class, Kakusu struggled down the hall to reach the bathroom, clutching his stomach and moving slowly down the hall that seemed to spiral onto eternal. He felt as if he could upchuck all of his insides. It wasn't the mass consumption of food earlier, but he could feel a disturbance in his stomach, as if something alive was moving around inside of it. No sooner had he walked a few steps down the hall, he began hacking and coughing hard.

    Looking down at his hand, he saw that he had coughed up some blood. Avoiding making eye contact with his hand again, he continued to force himself down the hall, coughing more and leaving a trail of blood drops. The pain in his stomach was agonizing.

    Finally opening the bathroom door, Kakusu hobbled over slowly inside and fell to the floor.
    The smell of something burning awoke Kakusu. It wasn't like he was fearing for his life to the smell, but it brought him to his senses.

    Getting to his feet, all Kakusu no longer felt the pain in his stomach. He could see a large forest fire in the distance along with the sounds of battle occurring all around the school. He could see flashes and occasional explosions and he had a bad feeling about remaining on the roof in plain sight.

    He scratched his head, and decided to eat some so he could think more about what was going on. Sliding off the roof, he landed on the ground in a surprisingly neat manner and dashed to the doors of the cafeteria.

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