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The grunt searching and patting down Sammy tried to take the Luxury Ball on her belt but they were magnetically attached to it with some sort of security. The grunt tried pulling off the whole belt but had no luck with that either. He was hardly being gentle about it as he attempted to pull hard on it and force the belt off. The other grunt was having it easy though and soon found Commodore's Pokeball inside of Mark's bag. He didn't have any security devices since he wasn't so paranoid of people stealing his Pokemon. Of course, Mark never expected Team Rocket to be on the island anyways!

Commodore fired another signal beam at the second gloom causing it to faint. He was the only Pokemon still in commission. The grunt leaned down to Mark and grabbed Mark by the throat. "Tell your Pokemon to stop attacking, and you'll get your Oxygen back." He threatened. They were ordered just to get the Porygon and be quick about it. Anything else was extra but Mark had to be the one to put Commodore back in his ball. Complicated Pokemon tech and such.

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