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Samantha Felicity Cooper

Corphish managed to get his wits together long enough to fire another set of BubbleBeams at the Venomoth's, but then managed to run face first into a tree. Not a very heroic move, but his heart was in the right place even if his face wasn't.

When the Team Rocket Grunt tried to take Sammy's Luxury Ball it sprang open, releasing her Shuppet into the chaos. As much as Sammy had bemoaned at the time using her expensive Luxury Ball on Shuppet, she would have been glad that its allure had drawn the Grunts attention if she could think straight. The Ghost type took a quick look around the battlefield, silent and expressionless, before turning on the remaining Gloom and firing a jagged red and purple beam of energy from the top of its horn - a Nightshade attack. Whether it was concerned about Sammy, defending itself or just joining in the madness wasn't obvious, but it was a complication the Rocket Grunts didn't need.

The belt itself was extremely difficult to remove, but not impossible.
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