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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    The lock of Sammy's security enabled belt snapped under the Team Rocket Grunts constant abuse, making it easy to remove along with Cubone and Ponyta's pokeballs. Sammy was starting to come around, but knew better than to try and disarm the Grunt from her current position. He had size, strength, reach, leverage and a weapon. Corphish smacked himself into the tree again, still confused by the Venomoth's attacks.

    Shuppet turned his attention to the two remaining Venomoth, firing another Nightshade at the closest one. His motivations remained a mystery. Was he attacking the Pokemon because he knew without them, the Team Rocket Grunts would be easy prey to him? Was he just enjoying the fight against other Pokemon? Was he avoiding the Grunts because they had the two Trainers at their mercy? It was impossible to tell, but he remained silent even during his attacks, staring at his targets with his wide, eerie eyes.
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