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    Originally Posted by xalien95 View Post
    Sorry, I didn't find it, do you remember the thread title or could you link it?
    Thanks and sorry in advance for the off-topic XD

    Oh.. if I'll adapt the pokemon.txt PBS file with I, II, III, IV and V regional dexes, will you be interested in adding it to the next version of Essentials?
    Here's the thread. It didn't say anything more than I've already said, but I decided to edit my post with the script changes required (I think that's all of them).

    The Regional Dexes in Essentials have only been defined to serve as an example of how to do them, not out of a desire for completion. Aside from the "all regions" projects which never pan out, I don't think there's much desire for all official Regional Dexes to be defined anyway - people are probably making their own instead. So no, I wouldn't be interested in adding them to Essentials (it's easy enough with my new Editor function). You can of course post your version of pokemon.txt as a resource.
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