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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Sammy grunted as she got kicked, rolling onto her side and only able to watch as the Team Rocket goons made their escape with Commodore and her belt. Her newly captured Ponyta, but more importantly, Cubone... that little Pokemon had gone through too much to become a Team Rocket pawn now. He'd never survive with them, she had to do something!

    While Mark fell unconscious Sammy lay there, trying to flex life back into her muscles one by one. It was excruciating, but neither of her Pokemon had hands to work the medecinal sprays in her bag, so her only option was to fight through it. Corphish eventually managed to get himself under control and hurried to her side, while Shuppet simply floated there and watched. Neither Pokemon could do much to help her, this was her battle. Gradually life started to return to her body and she was able to roll onto her stomach. After what felt like hours she pushed herself onto her hands and knees, sweat dripping off of her as she panted for breath. Every second she and Mark lay here was further the Rockets were able to flee. If only they hadn't taken Ponyta she might have been able to convince the Pokemon to let her ride it after them, but that was no guarantee. And it wasn't how things had worked out anyway. She had to focus on reality.

    "Corfith," she spluttered out, working sensation back into her mouth, "waketh Thypthe."

    Fortunately her Corphish was able to understand her mangled speech, scuttling over to the sleeping Sableye and nudging him with his claw.

    "Get up, GET UP I TELLS YA! We got a situation here, a situation!"
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