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    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    How come?
    For the simple reason that it's a lot easier for anti-abortion advocates to harass and picket a hospital than an abortion provider. Hospitals are far more susceptible to outside pressure, but also pressure from within. They're made up of board members, doctors, patients, and donors, all of whom exert tremendous influence on what services hospitals are willing to provide. Then there are those hospitals who are religiously affiliated and won't allow anything involving abortion to take place in their facility, even when pregnant women need medical care that could save their lives. And other hospitals are publicly supported institutions that are subject to local or regional government pressures for grants or reimbursements, meaning if the government doesn't approve of abortions, in order to protect their funding, the hospital will not offer the service. And because the hospitals refuse to permit abortions to take place within their walls, abortion doctors are not given admitting privileges.

    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    I think it should be the same all around. Surgery is surgery.
    Dentistry is also surgery, but dentists also do not have admitting privileges in a hospital. Again, the only reason abortion providers are being singled out is because of an aversion to abortions in general. Is it fair? No. And that's why the law is being challenged.

    Originally Posted by TRIFORCE89 View Post
    Goes back to Livewire's point that there's an ulterior motive. I don't deny that, and I don't like it. It's ridiculous. That's clearly their intention. But, on the surface I think it's a safe idea, which is why I said if another party came up with it that the not-so-hidden agenda aspect would be removed.
    Anything a human can conceive of or create can be perverted into a means to do harm. In the wrong hands, those safe ideas can be, and are, used to disadvantage people, in this case women.
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