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    Thank you, I have been waiting for fans like you guys. Right now, I need to rebuild the team. That's my current goal.

    Originally Posted by MegaZX30 View Post
    I hope this project starts to lift and get off the ground, i don't see many team rocket hacks out there. and the prospectus that if you get far enough along and can also take police enforcement as an alternative role, adds to the replay ability in a good way.

    I'm not a hacker at all... but I feel this might be a valid question or suggestion.

    I don't know the complexity of hacking a game or pokemon game besides knowing there's some neat tools out there for it. (haha fiddled with Advance Map I believe it was but never tried anything major)

    But might it be easier to construct to parallel hacks? Following the same events using the same new redesigned maps and etc, for the most part but differering based on your status as a Rocket / Police Enforcement.

    Like i said i'm not an experienced hacker, so i don't know...
    My logic is it may take longer to work on two hacks in some aspects. But I think it'd make code structure simpler without having to make something Like
    "If Rocket trigger Event X"
    "If Enforcement trigger Event Z"

    I know it's probably abit more involved then that but that's my basic take on it...

    But then I don't know if you planned on being able to switch roles either I saw someone suggest it. which could make more variables but if this is possible then I guess it wouldnt matter to have just one hack lol.
    another real basic Example
    "If Rocket turned into Law Enforcement trigger Event Y" or vice verse.
    My goal is to create a branching storyline, I want it to change based on the decisions you make.

    Originally Posted by Lucra View Post
    hey, I know this is offtopic, but do you have a banner of the game (I know it's early to ask but perhaps you already have one)
    Because I've played the Toxic Purple Aplha, and it was GREAT.
    I really don't want this hack to die, but I'm new to the scene of playing rom hacks (I can't script or anything)
    But is the hack still in progress or did it die?

    P.S I understand if you delete the message because it's off topic, but if someone respond to me I'll delete it myself, because I couldn't find the thread in progressing hacks.
    Sorry for off topic again.
    The game hasn't progressed far enough to be in the "Progressing Hacks" section of the forum. It will get there, but no telling when.


    Attempting to get back into ROM Hacking.