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This time on Pika: Nuzlocke Challenge!
Time travel!

Challenged May to a battle after Roxanne.
KOd Smoochyena the Poochyena
Kipdum evolves
Travelled to Dewford and caught a Makuhita dubbed E. Honda
Travelled Blindly to Steven. After so many playthroughs I know the path to not need Flash. If I battled Brawly I woulda lost the challenge already so I'll skip him for now
Went back for Exp. Share will come in handy later when I pick up weak pokemon
Travelled to Slateport where E. Honda was taken out by a Low Kick in the beach to a random sailor
I rage quit and will have E. Honda taken out of my team as soon as possible
I don't really remember where I saved but I think it was after I caught E. Honda and if it was before I just won't catch a Pokemon in the Cave where you find Steven.

Next Time on Pika: Nuzlocke Challenge! Trouble in the Slateport city!

Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.