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    Cause someone could pick the rule for a random team when we already have a thread for random challenges, and then some of them aren't even challenging on their own (male only team, for example).
    Agree with this. I think that this challenge is too broad that it may include every other challenge out there. I'd highly suggest you create a list of rules (that doesn't overlap the other challenges) for challengers to pick from instead.

    You know what's interesting?

    Gather ALL the rules from different challenge threads. From there create a list such as this one:

    - major rules
    - major rules
    - major rules

    - major rules
    - major rules
    - major rules

    - Legendary only
    - Eeveelutions only
    - Petit only (330-total stats and below)
    - NFE only
    - Gender-lock (male/female only)

    - rules
    - rules
    - rules

    ...and then, from that list, disallow players from picking more than 2 rules in the same category (except for Misc/Others). This will prevent your challenge thread from "copying" any other challenge thread out there, and henceforth making everyone's own challenge very unique!
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