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Your favorite cat Pokemon:
I really like a lot of feline Pokemon out there so it's quite hard to choose a favourite. If I had to narrow it down to two however, I'd say either Liepard or Meowth. I've always liked Meowth after his adorable personality in the anime- plus all his grumbling about the lack of food never gets old! I find Meowth a character that's hard not to love honestly, he's just so charming and cute. Also it's quite fun to use in-game with various attacks like Pay Day which will shower you in money (literally)! I've always personally liked its design too.

I used to not really take a liking to Liepard, but then one day I decided to use it in a battle against one of my friends just for fun and what a beast it was! It even earned the name Haxloin because of it, it seemed to be sneaky and cheating the opponent- always paralyzing, always making them hit themselves in confusion for a ton of damage, after that I saw the light in Liepard. I've liked its design for a while, but I never saw the power in it until that point. It was quite surprising actually, plus that Prankster ability is nice!

An answer to the topic:

Honestly, I've always found every Pokemon strong in its own way- whether it'd be a Caterpie or a huge whale, every Pokemon has a good quality that makes them stand out. The same applies to feline Pokemon! I've always found them valuable team members but I have noticed that in the beginning they're rather hard to work with. It was frustrating they gave feline Pokemon genuinely average stats, but I guess you can't have everything. They also seemed to be lacking most of the powerful moves and didn't have access to a bigger movepool compared to canines or other sorts of Pokemon. As for why they did this, despite cats being known as a witch's pet, they're often outclassed by dogs in terms of power, strength and agility. I'm really not sure why they did this- maybe Gamefreak mistook cats as frail, innocent creatures? I don't know what's going on inside their heads but I'm sure there must be some reasoning behind it. Although if they think cats are all frail and innocent then they're quite wrong (their claws hurt quite a bit).